David began training with AMR Soccer the summer before his junior year of high school. What started out as a three-week soccer academy turned into a life changing commitment to excellence.

We have shared two life altering experiences with AMR Soccer. David signed to play soccer with his top pick- Southeastern University & he accepted the Lord as his Savior!

Terri Hubbard

Mother of David Hubbard, Signed with Southeastern University

Thanks to AMR Soccer and Coach Anthony Randolph for helping me to improve my soccer skill and grow up to be a better person. AMR Soccer helped me to believe more in my self and do things that I thought were impossible for me. If you want to make the difference then AMR Soccer is the right program.

Felix Dieguiz

My 9 yrs old daughter Gabriela has been in the AMR Soccer for the last 10 months and her improvement is remarkable not only physical but also mentally. My daughter is a better athlete and person on and off the field. Coach Anthony is the professional trainer that every soccer player should have. I thank God for putting AMR in our lives.

Esteban Figueroa

Father of Esteban Jr. and Gabriela

A big thanks to Coach Anthony and AMR Soccer Development Organization for working with my daughter Ashley Ramirez and the other youth players at NLYS. With his help and Ashley’s hard work Ashley skills has improved greatly to the next level. Proud to say she’ll be playing college soccer at West Virginia Wesleyan D2 program. Thank you Coach Anthony and AMR Soccer Development Organization.

Luis Vargas

Father of Ashley Ramirez

My son has been training with AMR soccer for a few months and I can see a marked difference already. We have had a few trainers over the years – this is the first organization that devotes the time and effort into the athlete as a whole person.
AMR records many sessions for immediate review and discussion afterward. They periodically attend practice sessions and games to evaluate how the sessions translate onto the field. Most importantly, AMR trainers are excellent leaders with a positive influence; they reinforce that the athletes’ school performance is just as important as how they perform on the field.

Katy Dumont

Mother of Holden Wendel

Professional Spotlights

Jon Spencer

Jon Spencer

Director of Scouting, James Grant Sports Management

AMR Soccer is a program designed to provide young players a positive environment where they can grow both on the pitch and in daily life. I am impressed with the way AMR has assembled a program that impacts players for life. AMR is a perfect place for players who want to be challenged to reach their full potential.

Richard Wimsatt

Richard Wimsatt

CEO Zero Potential Universe

As a Former Impact Athlete, having played at the soccer as NCAA Division One collegiate athlete and Bundesliga Professional, I recognize the culture and atmosphere within the AMR Soccer to be truly unique. Anthony has been committed to my development as a person on and off the field which has led to the impact we are making through the fundamentals of sports and today.

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